Monday, January 25, 2010

The Winnebago Man

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you will know that I am highly critical of the crap that is shoved through my cable under the guise of "entertainment".

And making it all worse are the commercial advertisements which have now expanded to take up about one-third of the content I am increasingly bored with on TV. There is now an advertisement for a stop smoking drug called Chantix which runs a full two minutes! I timed it.

The worst of the worst are the local merchants who do their own amateur commercials. I think there ought to be a law against it, frankly. Some of these Mom-and-Pop home grown commercials are almost too agonizing to watch.

Below is "The Winnebago Man, an example of one of these amateur commercials... actually the outtakes from shooting the spot. Now THIS is the version that I really would rather watch on TV:


GutsyWriter said...

I watched the start and laughed so much. I cannot believe this, but I'm with you on commercials. I hate watching the news at 6:30 as there are only commercials for drugs for this and that. I now watch news from BBC or World Focus only. So true what you say. Did your first script make it to the screen?

kara said...

i might be him for halloween.

Rachel Noy said...

2 minutes? Holy crap, that is optimum tea making time if you ask me. We get power surges when the adverts go on on a particularly big tv programme.

And that man is a legend.

Charlie said...

Best commercial I've ever seen! I bet he's a joy to work for, too.

The local ads that get me are the screamers, usually for junk furniture stores. Like screaming will hurry your butt down to their junk warehouse.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Gutsy: Yes, my documentary is in distribution. Web site is

Kara: He is scary enough, getting the bald head would be a trick.

Rachel: My wife and I now try to see how much housework (dishes, dusting, etc.) we can do during the commercials. An amazing amount, it turns out.

Charlie: I'm guessing everyone who works for this guys is family, so he can get away with that behavior. But yes, the "screamers" are bad. And ever notice that mattress are ALWAYS on sale?!