Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Penny's Word"

The list of blogs I have been following has been steadily increasing as I continue to stumble upon other interesting writers. Predictably, my time available to keep up with them all is suffering. I appreciate those of my fellow bloggers who regularly write twice a week or less – I am usually am able to keep up. The daily bloggers, well… that is a bit more difficult. I’ll catch you when I can.

Surprisingly, though, a few blogs have disappeared; yanked from the bloggosphere for reasons unknown. But recently one blog’s disappearance left me very sad.

Penny’s Word was authored by a wife and mother living outside a small town in Australia. She blogged about the everyday things happening in her life but always had a lovely and interesting way in which she revealed her life. Her photographs she took and posted of nature in her area of the world were stunning; the birds particularly. I always shared the bird pictures with my wife, an avid birder herself, and who would give anything to see such colorful species in the wild.

Penny visited my blog and commented as well; her comments were always gracious, thoughtful and welcome. She had just started to learn how to weave and had begun posting about her new skill, what she had learned and made.

Then one day recently this month her daughter posted in her behalf – Penny had been in a serious car accident. She was in the hospital in extremely critical condition having been placed in an induced coma. She was expected to recover but with serious and permanent disabilities. Her husband then posted an update on her condition, acknowledging all who had commented and wished her well. He warned that it would not be likely Penny would be blogging again anytime soon.

I was stunned. Though I’ve never seen her face nor heard her voice, the mind and spirit of this woman had touched me. Now hearing of the tragedy brought upon her left me feeling badly… and helpless.

Her blog is now gone. Clearly, with all the pressing issues her family must now deal with, maintaining a blog is of trivial importance. Still, as I read the blogs of my new followers, I cannot forget Penny, that her blog is missing from the list for very abject reasons. I understand fully why things like this happen and that they happen every day to people we don’t know. But understanding this does nothing to take away the sadness. I can only hope that she recovers and , just maybe, she will speak to us through her blog again.

I find some small semblance of comfort in the words I captured in my documentary about the remarkable Jerry Andrus:
“We’re each a unique mixture of sub-atomic particles. And so the only thing that’s left other than our remains is the effect that we might have had on other people or maybe will have on other people. "


The Mother said...

It's sad losing a friend, even if it was one from the blogosphere.

I actually feel I know some of these people better than some of the folks I interact with regularly in "real" life.

Wow, that was awkward said...

That is a bummer. It seems morbid, but I have wondered what happens to the blog, facebook page, myspace, twitter, etc., of those who pass away. Does anyone take them over to shut them down or do they just sit there forever.

Well, here is to Penny bouncing back and entertaining you again on her blog!

DJan said...

Same here, Robert. I have made friends through this medium who mean as much to me as my "skin" friends. And when something like this happens... it just makes me realize once again that nothing is guaranteed, not another year, month, day, or breath.

Another friend on Facebook recently died and people are still posting messages to him on his page.

Gorilla Bananas said...

That's very sad. A blogger called Mutley, who was a kindred spirit of mine, died earlier this year. I never met him but we shared a lot of laughs in blogland. His girlfriend got in touch and we exchanged a couple of emails.

Philip said...

really difficult, blogging is still new to so many of us that we haven't really evolved ways of dealing with this. Like your blog. will be back

KleinsteMotte said...

I feel your sadness and understand it too. We are able to share brief moments here and your quote is so appropriate.

Kay Dennison said...

I'm sad for you! I know hard it is to lose a blogging buddy.

That said, I am glad that you make the time to come visit me!!!!

The Idiot Speaketh said...

How sad. Sounds like she is a remarkable lady. Makes you step back and think, these blog friends you make can become just like family. You don't realize that until something bad happens.

Orhan Kahn said...

That is truly a sad story.

I've been blogging for years and I've seen my most favourite blogs just suddenly stop blogging, most of the time not giving a reason. The most recent example was your very own daughter, thankfully she annouced her temporary retirement and gave a very valid reason. Sheesh, even I've suddenly disappeared from the blogosphere. And I may just have to again for a few months in the near future.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Robert, I trust by now you've received word from Donna about Penny not surviving the accident. Your post captured her, to the extent I knew her from writing and photos, so very well. She conveyed such a strong sense of connection to the land around her and certainly to her family. She is already missed. I share your sadness. Marylinn

Robert the Skeptic said...

Marylinn No, I had not heard until now. I am so sorry. Thank you for letting all of us all know.