Friday, August 31, 2012

The "Media" We Wish We Had

In recent weeks I haven't found anything worth posting... that is, until I saw this video yesterday.

Though the clip is from Aaron Sorkin's fictional "News Room", everything spoken by the supposed fictional anchor is true - the stories, the politicians in their own words, the facts. Watch it; if you believe it speaks to the heart of the fate of this country, share it - put it on your FaceBook, your blog, whatever. It has over 1 million views already and it needs to be viewed by millions more.

How ironic that such clarity of truth should be spoken so eloquently from a "fiction" news media.


Rain Trueax said...

Thanks. I will be sharing it-- wherever I can-- that is if I can prove I am not a robot due to those hard to read characters.......

Suzanne and Malcolm said...

I am sure you do realize that all 50 states issue a photo ID card to anyone who applies, many even renew by mail. That ID alone with a valid Voter Registration card are the only credentials that need be presented to vote in any election in America. My mother-in-law who is 83 and does not drive has a State ID. She also votes - in every election.

I realize that this video is a spoof, but since you characterized it as truth I felt compelled to offer my opinion.

I assume your intent in sharing this would be to promote Republicans in a bad light as harboring a sinister plot to prevent "grandma" to vote on election day. Since that is clearly not the case, I must assume that much of the support is also in error or miscast.

I happily share facts with my friends, but "fiction" should be labeled as such and kept in perspective as "entertainment."

First time visitor. You are entirely right about one thing. It's a free country and this is your blog. Best wishes.

Beach Bum said...

***Hey Robert, I am sorry my friend but Suzanne tripped one of my circuit breakers. Delete my comment if I stepped over a line.***

Wow Suzanne! I have rarely heard someone so blatantly misinformed if not actually willfully ignorant.

While your Grandma might be able to still vote with a little bit of research you might found out about how most of the new Jim Crow voting laws are aimed primarily at minority voters.

This attempt to fix the 2012 election is so overt in places like Pennsylvania that its secretary of state openly declared that their new voting ID law would deliver the state to Mitt Romney. If you do a little search the video is very east to find on You Tube.

As for the ever so great racist state of Texas certain ID's will get you registered. An ID to carry a concealed weapon will work but a student ID will not. In short, various ID will be accepted while others will not, with those rejected mostly being held by people other than God fearing white people. Call me crazy but somehow that just seems a little strange.

As for my state of South Carolina our voter ID law was passed, with strictly republican votes, under the false idea that voter fraud was a huge issue in the last election. That is until an independent agency looked at the matter and found it statistical bullshit. Oh yeah, the study saying South Carolina had a problem with voter fraud was done by a republican. A rumor I have yet to confirm also says the money for the study came from outside sources.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Rain Thanks, Rain. I know I can always depend on you.

Suzanne & Malcolm Thanks for dropping in. Yes most states can RENEW a driver's license by mail if there are no changes. Recently my 89 y/o father-in-law was in a car accident, he knew he would have to surrender his license. But when we went to DMV to surrender his driver's license for an ID, he was REQUIRED to PRESENT a birth certificate and proof of his residence. Most states have tough requirements since 9/11 for obtaining a NEW driver's license.

Regarding the video: Fiction is not relegated entirely to entertainment and fiction has been used for social and political commentary since the ancient Greeks. The beauty of THIS video is it SHOWS THE ACTUAL WORDS THESE POLITICIANS UTTERED - the single actor is a creation of the show's writers. But the events addressed in the video are facts, not fiction!! That really was Rick Perry speaking and 33 states with predominantly Republican legislatures really have indeed proposed or acutually changed voter laws, and it is a fact that the people most effected by these laws are those who most likely do not support Republicans.

Look, I came from a strongly Republican family; I was a Republican once myself and voted for Reagan. I worked in the banking industry for the first half of my career. I saw first hand how Trickle-Down economics didn't trickle down past the Board Room. After my layoff I worked for State government for the welfare department... there all the myths I held about the underclass in America was totally bashed. Full story here.

As I say I came from a Republican family; but I have no doubut that were my father alive today, he would no longer feel his values are shared by today's GOP. Yeah, the Dems are no angels either. Understood.

Beach Bum I don't delete posts unless they are profane or troll-fodder.

Beach Bum said...

Thanks Robert!

Getting back on point since I work daily in the middle of a nest of Teabaggers I can say with full authority what was said on "News Room" was the total truth.

The late leftist redneck Joe Bageant, who grew up in Winchester VA, wrote several excellent columns on the American Taliban years ago. Some were very ominous in how this segment of the American population feel threatened by secular culture and liberal politicians. As much as Beck and several others like Pat Robertson have warned their followers of liberal inspired violence Joe wrote about how the religious right are even now preparing for both the Rapture and "taking back the country" through armed conflict.

My current take with the American Taliban is that right now they feel in control. The new Jim Crow laws restricting liberal leaning groups from voting is case in point. However, if the demographics of this country continue to tilt towards those same liberal leaning groups making the right-wing the modern equivalents to the 19th century Whigs that is when blood will flow.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Beach Bum The irony is that these supposed proponents of "freedom" would, had they the power, impose their own narrow definition of America upon the rest of us. They decry tyrants but THEY are the tyrants which our Constitution is designed to protect us from.

Yes, I have seen the threats by some that if the Republicans do not retake the Oval Office, that armed insurrection would be justified. These are scary nut cases. Unfortunately people like Clint Eastwood seem to be their spokesman.

billy pilgrim said...

or are the teapartyites just weak minded pawns of corporate america, ie the koch bros.

i like stalin's take on elections.

"It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes." (Josef Stalin)

Robert the Skeptic said...

Billy or are the teapartyites just weak minded pawns of corporate america... Clearly, particularly the morons who, for example, want the Government hands off their Medicare. I don't think these folks would REALLY like living under the government they THINK they want.

I have always felt that were the Founding Fathers brought to today in a time machine, they would be dumbfounded that we have extended the vote to the common rabble.

joared said...

I've long said the "Tea Party" is the American version of the Taliban. I continue to wonder if too many others won't realize that until it's too late.

Tommykey said...

I've voted in nearly every election since I registered to vote as a high school student in 1987, and not once was I ever required to present identification. They have you sign in a book next to your name. The only way you could conceivably vote fraudulently is if you when to different polling places where you knew friends or family (of your gender) were registered to vote and you happened to be able to get there to vote in their name before they got there.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Joared Too Late is the operative phrase there. Unfortunatly many vote against their own interest.

Tommy We've practically eliminated that problem in Oregon, we have had vote-by-mail for over a decade. There are NO polling places, NO lines, NO taking time off work, NO presenting picture ID. You can take your time with your ballot at home... the only down side is the cost of a stamp to mail it in. What the hell is wrong with the rest of the country?

Wow, that was awkward said...

Great stuff, including the comments. Fiction and non-fiction tend to blend together when it comes to politics. Drives me crazy. Loved the Clinton speech, btw.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

This whole 'going to the polls and voting with photo ID' at this stage is really a sad state of affairs. And since it's a federal event there ought to be a universal standard for every state at each polling station.
I was surprised that one commenter trusted his state to allow mailing ballots. That sends shivers down my spine as I picture all the possibilities of mail getting lost and so on...
As things get more intense I wonder if the plan is to keep as many voters away as possible?
Legally is there a required % of voter turn out to make an election count a valid one?

Perhaps everyone with a valid Social Security number should have a say and get to vote? Bet there are many without that card too.
I sense your frustration yet I don't see any real solution.

Like another pointed out the counters will have much to play with and they likely will.

Kay Dennison said...

I don't think I need to say that I love this and I'm going to post it!!! Thanks!!!!

Ingineer66 said...

Can you get into a bar with a student ID in Texas? You cannot in California. But we do offer low cost or free State ID cards for people that do not drive. It is required to present an ID if asked by a Police Officer. I do not understand how the voter ID requirement discriminates against the poor or minorities. You have to have some kind of ID to get welfare.

Tommykey, that is whole point. In some areas, mostly inner-city, there are groups fraudulently registering people to vote and then going and voting in their place or filling out absentee ballots in their name.

Robert the Skeptic said...

1. The right to go to a bar is not enshrined in the Constitution, the right to vote is.

2. To get a State ID (in Oregon) one must present proof of identity. As I mentioned, my father-in-law had to surrender the drivers license he held for 75 years BUT; while I was standing right there with him, in order to replace it with an an identical looking state ID (not licensed to drive) we had to go back home and find his birth certificate and a proof of residence. I was there. Yes, it was free but the cost is not the issue.

3. You are NOT required to present an ID when stopped by a police officer unless you are driving a motor vehicle. Your drivers license is exactly that, proof that you are licensed to operate a motor vehicle - it is NOT a government ID and you do not have to present ID if a cop stops you any place at any time. The Supreme Court has affirmed this.

4. The requirement discriminates against minorities and the elderly (who generally vote Democratic) by placing an undue burden on them to obtain birth certificates. Many of these older people were born at home and may or may not have a birth certificate or know where it could even be requested from.

5. I was a Welfare Assistance Worker in Oregon for many years**. One has to have dependent children to get welfare - no children under 18 = NO WELFARE ELIGIBILITY. Birth certificates for the children for which welfare is requested, is require. A photo ID of any applicant is NOT required.

6. Prove your claim of rampit inner-city voter fraud. The amount of voter fraud is so infantesimal as to be practically non-esistant. Conversely, The number of people (again mostly poor and elderly, who tend to vote Democratic) number in the millions, enough to significanly impact an election in favor of Republicans.

Additional note: We in Oregon don't deal with this issue AT ALL! We have vote-by-mail, polling places and long lines DON'T EXIST here. What's the problem with the remaining 49 states?

** Search my blog for my post "The Undeserving". It gives an account of my life change from a Reagan-voting Republican working in the banking industry, opinionated and ignorant about welfare, to becoming a Welfare Caseworker and turning Democrat.

Ingineer66 said...

2. That sounds pretty crappy that your father could not exchange his DL for an ID. I don't believe that to be the case in California.

3. California and Nevada have ID laws and they have been upheld by the US Supreme Court. Do you have a case that I could look up showing otherwise?

4. What is the percentage of people that do not have an ID? I believe that to infinitesimal.

6. I will have to research projected voter fraud. I know it has been brought up on many close elections

But I also know that in 2000 in Florida that there were thousands of military members ballots that were not counted. And we know most military people vote republican but this never makes the news.

Robert the Skeptic said...


3. California, Nevada and several other states have "Stop and Identify" statutes which require someone to identify themselves when stopped by police for probable cause. They must truthfully (verbally)
identify themselves, they are NOT required to produce identification. BIG difference!

"The Court accepted the Nevada supreme court's interpretation of the Nevada statute that a detained person could satisfy the Nevada law by simply stating his name. The Court did not rule on whether particular identification cards could be required, though it did mention one state's law requiring “credible and reliable” identification had been struck down for vagueness."

"As we understand it, the statute does not require a suspect to give the officer a drivers license or any other document. Provided that the suspect either states his name or communicates it to the officer by other means—a choice, we assume, that the suspect may make—the statute is satisfied and no violation occurs. — 542 U.S. at 185"

Source: Wikipedia "Stop and identify statutes"

No such law in Oregon: "The police will ask you to identify yourself. It is not illegal in Oregon to refuse to identify yourself..."

Source: ACLU

4. "Studies show that as many as 11 percent of eligible voters do not have government-issued photo ID"

Source: Brennan Center for Justice, at New York University School of Law

6. Also from the Brennan Center:

New Hampshire, 2004: 4 cases of voter fraud
New Jersey, 2004: 8 cases of voter fraud
New York, 2004 & 2002: 2 cases of voter fraud
Wisconsin, 2004: 7 cases of voter fraud
{... goes on and on...}
"None of these problems could have been resolved by requiring photo ID at the polls."

2000 election:
Actually the issue of disqualifying the ballots of military absentee ballots was just one of many controversial issues (well addressed by the media) over the Florida ballots in the 2000 election. Important distinction: the controversy had to do with irregularities in the election and polling PROCESS, it had Noting to do with individual voter fraud.

"... George W. Bush officially won Florida's electoral votes, by a margin of only 537 votes out of almost 6 million cast, and as a result, the entire presidential election. The process was extremely divisive, and led to calls for electoral reform in Florida."

Source: Wikipedia "United States presidential election in Florida, 2000" States presidential election in Florida, 2000

... Lastly, I'm merely citing sources, here. I have always appreciated your contribution to the discussions here, Ingineer. Thank you.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Reminiscent of Jon Stewart's sort of commentary (without the smile).

I hadn't seen this, but I've had many talks with people about how similar the Teabaggers are to the Taliban. Fundamentalism and xenophobia are powerfully dangerous forces.

Robert the Skeptic said...

SecretAgent Powerful and dangerous. I am VERY disturbed and concern about the how the opposition to the President has taken on this specter of hatred. I was disagreed strongly with the policies of the Bush administration but I did not hate the man. What the hell is wrong with people?!?

Ingineer66 said...

You may not hate W but a lot of people on the left did and still do. For example Wanda Sykes. I am pretty sure that if Romney wins, you will not see a comedian hosting the White House press dinner make the kind of crude comments about Obama that she made about Bush.

Robert the Skeptic said...

IngineerReally! Wanda Sykes?! I mean that's the best you can come up with... a third rate comedian? I mean does she have a regular daily TV or Radio program where she can continually spout her hatred of Bush? Because these guys regularly and routinely INSULT the President, calling him a Socialist, a Communist, a Nazi: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Don Imus, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Laura Schlessinger... just to name a few.

Oddly I don't see Jon Stewart, Colbert, Rachael Maddow, etc. calling the Conservatives names or spewing hatred. Why is that?

The Republican party, which USED to belong to, has shoved aside Conservative statesmen like Richard Lugar, Gordon Smith (defeated), Arlen Specter, Olympia Snow (quit in disgust) and Conservative Mormon John Huntsman who didn't even make it out of the gate. The party of me and my family is GONE! I would hang my head in shame if anyone thought I was a Republican.

Ingineer66 said...

She came to mind because a liberal friend posted a photo and quote of her bashing republicans on facebook this week. I agree with you on the republican party eating it's own lately. Some good moderate republicans and conservative democrats have been voted out while the extremists in both parties get more power.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Ingineer Indeed extremists in both parties make compromise difficult to impossible. A buddy of mine had to quit working with the local Democratic party because their views were untenable and unworkable.

I'm not a big fan of Wanda either, by the way.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent. Sharing.