Friday, July 4, 2008


People’s behavior in public situations really cracks me up. Consider the following scenario – you are riding your bicycle on a bike path or lane; another bike rider is coming toward you. Wouldn’t you think that each of you would move to pass each other on the right, you know, like cars on a highway? Nope, about half the time, the oncoming rider moves left, directly into your path!?!?

Or coming up behind a pedestrian; so as not to frighten them, you shout out “passing [you] on your left”, at which point, they step to the left… right into your path!? Perhaps having the words “left” and “right” tattooed onto the backs of their hands may be helpful.

People continue to be oblivious to the traffic patterns of others around them. For example, meeting a familiar friend coming in a doorway or an aisle, people will stop at that spot and converse, blocking the path of others. Move to the side and chat… idiots! The same goes for you dolts who park your shopping carts in the middle of the aisle. I’m going to ram it or move it.

Teller lines [queues for you Brits] are also a source of aggravation for me. I never go into a bank with a transaction that takes more than 22 seconds. Yet time after time, people are standing at the teller windows for an eternity. What the hell are they doing… trying to cash a Bolivian travelers check with only their unique tattoo as ID? And using the ATM is no help – I am amazed at the complex transactions people attempt to perform at the ATM. It dispenses cash… what the hell else to you need an ATM for?

And the Post Office… I won’t even go there unless I absolutely have to. It is a lost cause. In fact, I usually avoid doing anything that requires standing in line. With few exceptions, if it requires standing in line, I will avoid it altogether… whatever it is, it probably isn’t worth doing if I have to wait in line to do it.

I sound like a Grumpy Old Guy. Well I am, so move over and get out of my way! Oh... and “have a nice day!”

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Kara said...

you do sound grumpy. i do everything at the ATM...i haven't seen a teller in ages. so if you see me at one...don't get in line behind me.