Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paradise lost

With several months of “writers block” (hopefully) behind me, I can maybe catch up on some thoughts that have been rolling around in my cranium a while.

My wife recently helped to extricate me from the quagmire I got myself into with Facebook. I had been told that this social network would be a great way to promote my documentary film, “Andrus” – which left me puzzled a bit as Facebook is not actually supposed to be used to sell stuff.

Anyway, I opened a Facebook account and promptly accepted every friend, group and relationship anyone offered me. Hence the, uh… quagmire. So I was more than open to having a helping hand clean up my presence there.

One of the things we added was a reference to my high school; San Carlos High School, class of ’67, to be exact. Now I was never very socially connected in high school, in fact, there was a time in my life when Iactually considered tossing out my high school yearbooks. After all, I’ve never had any interest in attending a reunion; and figured nobody would remember me if I did anyway.

Suddenly, I experienced a renewed interest in my Wonder Years as Facebook began suggesting I connect with other SCHS alumni on the network. I’m straining to figure out just exactly what my connection is to many of the “friends” on my profile, but the high school friends, we were THERE. With the black-and-white senior class pictures to jog my memory, I now remember them… and fondly!

As mentioned, my high school years were not my best… I was socially inept and rather nerdy back then. There’s a lot of blank pages in my yearbook. Yet, the one note I cherish, was written by my track coach, Jim Luttrell – a guy I idolized in high school. Coach Luttrell penned: “Lots of luck in the future. You should do a lot of good in life. Hope you continue running.”

Well coach, I’m sorry to admit that I stopped running right after high school... but the other stuff, well I’m happy to say that all came true.

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Kara said...

that picture is like looking in a mirror. seriously, with every year that passes i realize more and more that i look more like you than i ever did mom. this picture totally clinches it.