Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Future is Here... Now!!!

I know I visited this topic already recently, still I am fascinated by all that has (and has not) changed during my short tenure on the planet.

I encourage you to check out this link:

The page contains excerpts from July 22, 1961, Weekend Magazine explaining what life will be like in the year 2000. Below are some highlights:
  • By the year 2020, five per cent of the world's population will have emigrated into space. Many will have visited the moon and beyond.
  • There will be moving plastic-covered pavements, individual hoppicopters, and 200 m.p.h. monorail trains operating in all large cities.
  • At work, Dad will operate on a 24 hour week. The office will be air-conditioned with stimulating scents and extra oxygen - to give a physical and psychological lift.
Strap on your jet packs, citizens... there's work to be done!


GutsyWriter said...

I remember being fascinated by such a program I watched on TV in France, talking about the future when I was a kid. They did predict events more correctly like: "You'll be able to shop from a computer at home, without ever having to leave your house." They did say, we'd get all our nutrients from pills, therefore no more cooking. Very interesting that the magazine got things wrong. They were too futuristic. Interesting topic, I agree.

Charlie said...

The monorail idea was achievable, not at 200 m.p.h., but it could and should have been done--especially in these sprawling western cities.