Saturday, May 8, 2010

What's Your Sign? An Experiment

Perusing the Bloggosphere recently, I've noticed a surprising amount of psychic phenomena popping up – Astrology, Reiki and the like. Recently fellow blogger Murr Brewster posted a delightfully funny post about Numerology on her blog.

Still, a lot of folks are quite serious about these matters. But being a Skeptic, my expectation is that people back up their beliefs with something more substantial – facts are a good start!

So it got me wondering if I could convince any of my readers to participate in a little experiment:

Below are links to horoscopes for each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Click the link to the ONE horoscope attributed to YOUR astrological sign ONLY; read your horoscope, then leave a comment on how closely you feel your horoscope fits your personality profile.

So as not to skew the results, please do not read any other horoscopes for friends, relatives, etc… just read YOURS. When leaving your opinion in the comments section:
  1. Identify your sign of the zodiac, and
  2. State your opinion regarding how accurately you feel the horoscope matched your personality.
Ready… set… GO!
  • Aries -- The Ram -- Mar. 21–Apr. 19
  • Taurus -- The Bull -- Apr. 20–May 20
  • Gemini -- The Twins -- May 21–June 21
  • Cancer -- The Crab -- June 22–July 22
  • Leo -- The Lion -- July 23–Aug. 22
  • Virgo -- The Virgin -- Aug. 23–Sept. 22
  • Libra -- The Balance -- Sept. 23–Oct. 23
  • Scorpio -- The Scorpion -- Oct. 24–Nov. 21
  • Sagittarius -- The Archer -- Nov. 22–Dec. 21
  • Capricorn -- The Goat -- Dec. 22–Jan. 19
  • Aquarius -- The Water Bearer -- Jan. 20–Feb. 18
  • Pisces -- The Fishes -- Feb. 19–Mar. 20
In a few days I will blog the results, presenting an objective tabulation of how closely these horoscopes fit the astrological signs of individual commentors.


TechnoBabe said...


Very much right on.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ted Bundy was a Capricorn so I looked up his horoscope. It seems he was either unjustly executed or his horoscope was written by a kiss-ass.

Penny said...


Way off, didn't recognise anything there at all. :)

It's fun to read a horoscope though.

Rachel Noy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel Noy said...


Yes, no, no, no, yes, YES.

Horoscopes just take general facts about the human race that apply to a lot of people though.

Anonymous said...


The final paragraph is spot on. The rest of it-I don't think so.

It will be interesting to see what your survey produces.

Charlie said...


90% right on.

I'm Jane said...


Not too far off - just things that I nod when I hear and say "yah, that could be me" but not things that I would write about myself.

I am excited to see that I could be a religious leader though. I don't much care of any of the existing religions, so maybe I need to come up with my own.

Murr Brewster said...

Rats! My link didn't load up. I'm guessing they're all the same, though. Just because you're a Dickens.

I did once have a fellow I got stuck sitting next to on a long bus ride ask me my sign. I said since he seemed to be into it, he should guess. He proceeded to guess nine signs before he guessed mine (Libra). When I confirmed, he said, "You know how I knew?"

Thanks for the plug! That happens to be one of my favorite posts ever. Opinion may vary.

Murr Brewster said...

Ah! I got it to link. Okay.


Wrong, wrong, wrong. Starting with My Purpose In Life. I don't have one. I'm just bobbing about.

The Mother said...

I've seen this experiment done before, so I won't skew the results by commenting on my horoscope.

Tiffin said...

This reminds me of early 70s parties: "Hi there. What's your sign?" I always said: "STOP" (get it? Stop sign..nudge nudge wink wink) I'm a cusp of Taurus and Gemini which means I'd have to read two of 'em, which disqualifies me from your experiment. Being an astrological disqualification works for me.

secret agent woman said...

Libra. And no, it's not a good fit for me at all. Nor does it sound like other descriptions I've read of that sign. Libras are typically described as being about judiciousness and balance.

Not that I put any stick in astrology. It's nonsensical to think the month of your birth can determine your personality.