Saturday, May 1, 2010

A few quick updates

Just a quick follow-up on some of the stories posted in recent weeks...

Heaven Awaits -

In response to my post earlier this month Cold Beer in Heaven about unlikely possibility of their being a Heaven, I received an e-mail from reader, Adam, providing a link to an extremely well conceived and written article titled "Heaven: A fool's paradise" written by Johann Hari of UK's "The Independent". Hari covered the issue in much further depth and more adroitly than my meager attempt. Damn, you Brits really do know how to turn a phrase.

Runaway Pride -
You may recall back in March in my blog titled Driving Up Fear I had predicted that the story about the alleged runaway Toyota Prius in San Diego would turn out to be a complete fraud. Sure enough, authorities have concluded that the guy faked the accelerator incident. The reason the guy will likely NOT face criminal charges is that, other than speeding, he hasn't actually committed a crime (yet). The article goes on to say: "In the wake of a congressional memo that raised doubts about James Sikes' tale concerning his out of control Toyota... the 61-year-old now just wants to be left alone." Apparently he isn't planning on suing Toyota (e.g. no fraud = no crime). I'm psychic, or what!?

The Fairy Scientist -
I have received a few e-mails asking how our video, The Fairy Scientist, placed in the Project Reason video contest. Although it was one of nine finalists, it did not place among the top three winning videos. However, Lydia's YouTube video has since gone "viral" with tens of thousands of views to date and been linked to several science, technology and children's blogs including Discover Magazine, and has even generated a few Fairy Scientist knock-off pages in FaceBook. One of the kids in her first grade class even asked Lydia for her autograph, which she obliged... in crayon.

More tea anyone?
Finally, you may be interested in returning to my post titled Moron America and the Tea Bag Movement and read the updated "comments" exchange between me and proponent of the Tea Bag Movement (which apparently is really the "Less/Small Government Movement"). Entertaining reading. If you have strong opinions about the subject I might suggest you save them for later rather than add to that thread; I will likely be writing about this topic again.

More content in the pipe this month so stay tuned. ~ Robert the Skeptic


secret agent woman said...

Unintended acceleration or not, I still want a Prius. But first, I'm going to drive my little Mazda into the ground.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Secret Agent We are on our 4th Toyota but Mazda is good as well. The media is hyping that Americans are turning back to domestic cars. Pity... they will be rebuilding the engines at 100K miles - Toyota's (and Mazda's) are just getting broken in at 100K !!

GutsyWriter said...

I am sad Lydia was not among the top 3, however, she must be so excited about being asked for her autograph and the children's science programs showing interest. She did really well. Bravo.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Gusty I am not always confident that many "contests" are completely on the up-and-up, particularly when they are run by private organizations and a lot of prize money is involved. But then again I was just happy it made it into the finals.